Cable Processing & Granulation

CF Booth is one of the largest processors of ACSR aluminium/steel and general cables in the UK. We have the machinery and equipment to process loose/tangled ACSR and to remove ACSR from cable drums, producing a chopped aluminium dry product that we offer in loose or bailed forms. We have a dedicated cable stripping unit that specialises in larger diameter cable. The resultant PVC granules we produce are used within the equestrian surfacing industry, thereby delivering a total recycled solution to our customers.

Our copper/aluminium foundry is one of the largest of its type in the UK. We procure a high percentage of the resource metal in house, so we are able to offer very competitive prices.

cable stripping

Cables we buy:

ACSR – Loose / coils / on reels

Household cable

Copper & Aluminium cables

Lead & Copper cables

Tinned Copper cables

Bright Copper cable

Low grade copper cable

Greasy cable

PVC singles cable

Subsea cables

Bus/Car wiring looms

Buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recyclers and specialist processors.

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