Car recycling and disposal
Decommission of Rolling Stock
Precision Engineering, milling, turning and sawing
Secure destruction
Cable Granulation
Cable Stripping
Pylon and transformer dismantling, removal and disposal
Manufacturing of Copper based ingots, slabs and billets
Import and Export of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals
Dismantling and removal of factory and machinery
Ferrous and Non Ferrous scrap metal collection

Company Approvals, Certificates & Memberships

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Head Office
Clarence Metal Works,
Armer Street,
Rotherham Yorkshire,
S60 1AF.

Tel: 01709 559198      Fax: 01709561859

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Customer Testimonial

“VTG have worked with CF Booth on wagon disposal projects for almost a decade now. In every instance, we have found them to be a professional company, providing a high level of service at competitive rates”.

VTG Rail UK Limited

London Underground Limited  have worked with CF Booth on wagon disposal projects for 67TS - Victoria Line, A Stock - Metropolitan Line, C Stock - Circle Line and Hammersmith & City Line

London Underground Limited

In every instance they have fulfilled our requirements providing a high level of service.

D Stock - District Line