Methods Of Payment

Bank Transfer
A quick and simple method of transferring monies from C.F. Booth’s account into the customer’s bank account. The customer simply has to supply C.F. Booth with their name, bank sort code and account number and the money will be in the customer’s account by the end of the next working day.

A Signed C.F. Booth cheque can be taken away by the customer to deposit into their bank account.

And Now….

Cheque Cashing Service NOW AVAILABLE
C.F. Booth Limited is now able to cash cheques for N&N Encashment Centres an agent of Cheque Exchange Limited. Only cheques issued by C.F. Booth Limited can be exchanged for cash and this can only be done on the day of the cheque being issued. The cheque cashing service can only be used under the following rules.

  1. The customers have to bring acceptable identification i.e. an up to date passport or driving licence and recent utility bill that is no more than 3 months old.
  2. These documents will be copied and saved on record and a N&N Account Card will be issued to the customer.
  3. Once the account is up and running the customer is not required to bring their identification with them again to cash cheques; however identification is still necessary to sell metal to C.F. Booth.
  4. Customers with a N&N Card are required to inform us of any changes in their name or address when wishing to cash a cheque.
  5. A fee of £1.00 will be charged on cheques of £50.00 or less and 3% on cheques over £50.00.
  6. Cheques can be cashed from a minimum value of £6,00 up to a maximum value of £5000.00.
  7. We cannot cash any cheques that are made payable to a business.


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