Car Recycling
Automotive recycling. All components including alloy wheel recycling, electric motor recycling, scrap brake discs, scrap buyers, scrap car batteries, scrap car battery recycling, scrap car recycling, scrap engine recycling, scrap engines, scrap iron, wheel recycling and scrap transformers.

Aluminium Recycling
Aluminium Recycling, aluminium cans, aluminium cans quadrant, aluminium radiators, aluminium recycling large scale and small loads. Aluminium turnings from industry for collection and recycling.

Brass Recycling
Brass Recycling across the UK including brass borings, brass cuttings, brass radiators, brass recycling, brass shells and brass swarf. For Brass recycling we offer the most competitive rates for your brass turnings.

Bronze Recycling
Bronze Recycling from the largest processor of Scrap Bronze in the UK. We specialise in the processing and recycling of all types of bronze for recycling including phosphorus bronze.

Copper Granulation
Copper Recycling from the UK’s largest Copper Recycler - Our modern Copper Recycling facility caters for copper cathodes, copper tube, copper electrodes, copper granules, copper pipe recycling, copper radiators, copper shot and copper tanks.

Lead Recycling
Lead Recycling including lead acid battery recycling, lead battery recycling, lead recycling & general lead scrap. Our recycling plant is certified to deal with all aspects of Lead Recycling to the highest standards.

Nickel Recycling
Recycling of Nickel and its usage in products. We specialise in the recycling of scrap Nickel processing vast tonnages per annum. This is a specialised Nickel Recycling service as Nickel should be processed with care and by industry experts to avoid any Environmental issues.

Stainless Steel Recycling
Stainless Steel Recycling from the UK leader. Stainless Steel can be recycled corrosion-resistant steel or CRES when the alloy type and grade are not detailed. Austenitic, Ferritic & Martensitic Stainless Steels can be recycled at our plant.

Steel Recycling
Our Steel Recycling facility can handle multiple loads and large bulk collections for Scrap Recycling. The most common material is still in high demand and we can process and recycle all types and format of Steel girders, construction beams, pilons, piles and irregular shapes steel cuttings, export, melting, pressings, recycling & steel scrap.

Zinc Recycling
Zinc Recycling - Galvanised Zinc Recycling. Zinc metal is most commonly used as an anti-corrosion agent and as such can be found in almost every industrial sector. As Zinc Recyclers we specialise in the optimum recycling of Zinc for re processing. Zinc Recycling is an important part of our facility.

Machine Recycling
General machine recycling. All components including, electric motor recycling, scrap buyers, scrap iron, scrap machinery, wheel recycling and scrap transformers & rail scrap.

Copper Recycling
Copper Recycling

CF Booth  - Metal Recyclers of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals
Manufacturers of  Ingot, Shot, Billet & Slab
Recyclers of Rolling Stock.

We buy and sell all grade of metals.

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