Ferrous Products

CF Booth boasts a wide range of products which are available to our customers all over the world. We continue to offer the very best products, at the right price and in the right volumes to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The typical grades of ferrous metals are listed below, but should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Plate and Girder/OA HMS 1/2
  • Fragmentised/Shredded New Production Baled Scrap
  • Steel Turnings Light Steel Cuttings/Bushelling 8A/8B
  • Cast Iron Cast Iron Rail Chairs
  • Cast Iron Borings 12A, 12C
  • Pinhead Punchings Oversize Profile
  • Penny Punchings Short Profile
  • Steel Clippings New Production SG/Grey Iron
  • New Production Grade 17 Short Constructional
  • Incinerated Bales Steel Stampings
  • Short-Sheared Scrap Baled Steel Cans
  • Loose Steel Cans

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